Time travel? That's the big networks' ultimate fantasy

Here's the third piece of the TV-season preview which I've sent to papers. The previous ones -- see blogs below -- look at dramas and action-adventure; this one has sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Still coming are comedies and a season overview:

By Mike Hughes

Time-trekking is big
on TV now, which makes sense: The big networks wish they could go
back two decades, to a time when they had a monopoly.

Surprise: Lowly CW is in a state of excess

OK, here's one more look at what's ahead this fall. The previous four blogs look at the plans for the four big networks. This morning (Thursday), CW added is line-up; here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

For a last-place
network, the CW is in a rare state of excess.