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Hey Jude, here's the role for you

"Star" -- the series that starts its season Wednesday (Sept. 26) on Fox -- has lots of mismatched parts. Some work, some don't ... but the central character remains fascinating. She's Star, building a music career on sheer determination. And Jude Demorest fits the role perfectly; here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

This was a casting
challenge that could have stumped people.

Fox's next season: Jack's back; so are comedies and the "Fringe" producers

For TV viewers, a lot of good news is wedged into Fox's plans for the 2013-14 season. That includes the return of "24" (now half its previous running time) and the arrival of two shows from "Fringe" producers. It also includes fresh interest in comedies, even tucking two of them behind the Super Bowl. Here's the story I sent to papers this morning (Monday):


Fox: In a state of excessive plenty

This is a busy time at the Television Critics Association sessions. Here's a story I sent to papers about Fox:


Life is very difficult – well, maybe
a little difficult – for a first-place TV network.

“We have some high-class problems,”
said Kevin Reilly, Fox's programming chief.

In search of buried treasure

This is that end-of-summer time when odd things pop up on our TV sets -- including antiques on the young-hip Fox network Here's a story I sent to papers, on a show that starts Wednesday (Aug. 24):


By Mike Hughes

Even as kids, Leigh and Leslie Keno
knew that old stuff is somehow valuable.

Feeling good about Fox

Until now, I'd been feeling so-so about this TV season. Still wobbling from the strike, networks have had weak line-ups.

Now, however, there's good news: Fox is on a roll.

Some of that was expected. "24" had a terrific debut Sunday and Monday (Jan. 11-12); "American Idol" is off to a good start tonight (Tuesday, Jan. 13, see the preview/review in my previous blog).