Wanna watch food shows? Settle in (and bring some snacks)

If you scroll down to the next story, you'll see a fun view of American food, via two master chefs. Along with that, however, I also sent papers a sampling of TV food shows. Here it is:

By Mike Hughes

Television is
stuffed with food shows these days – so many that viewers might
have little time to eat, much less cook. Here's a current sampling:

He's mean, he's nasty ... he's just right for TV

Things have been tough for the Fox network lately, but ratings should perk up a bit. "American Idol" is back, "Empire" got off to a good start ... and now the amiably quirky "Backstrom" debuts Thursday (Jan. 22). Here's the story I sent to papers:


It's slow-build Urban on fast-track "Idol"

Is it still possible to get excited about "American Idol"? Yes, actually, because many of the young singers are good, a few have been great and these three judges -- Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. -- really know what they're talking about. The season starts Wednesday and Thursday (Jan. 7-8), here's the story I sent to papers about Urban and "Idol":


Cliff Curtis: From a small island to global characters

The list of famous Maori actors is relatively short. There's Keisha Castle-Hughes (no relation to me, or to Cinderella's Castle), an Oscar-nominee in the immensely charming "Whale Rider." And there's Cliff Curtis, who played her father in that one ... then played just about everyone, everywhere. Curtis has become a fascinating actor, spanning the globe. Currently, he's in Fox's "Gang Related"; here's the story I sent to papers:

Super Sunday: Her's the 12-hour rundown

OK, by now we should be geared up for Super Bowl Sunday. My two previous blogs offered an overview and a profile of Terry Crews, former pro football player who reaches the Super day via acting. Now here's the third of the three stories I sent to papers; it offers a chronological rundown.


Super Bowl: A cold night for red hot chili quarterbacks

(This is the first of three stories I sent to papers, previewing the Super Bowl)


Raking through a messy (and funny) TV life

This is a busy time in the TV and cable world, as mid-season shows arrive. "Rake" (Thursday on Fox) is an amiable one, with Greg Kinnear as a sharp lawyer with a messy life. Here's the story I sent to papers:


"Idol" returns, putting on a fresh accent

"American Idol" returns tonight (Wednesday), freshening a form that already works. Here's the story I sent to papers:


This big little brother finally has his day

Geoff Stults may be big on TV -- starring in a new series that starts Friday -- but he's not that big a deal in his own family. After all, George Stults is also an actor and has big-brother status. Here's the story I sent to papers:


The "'Glee' Era" persists, amid churn and change and such

The season-finales are piling in now, with "Glee" as one of the first. That's Thursday; here's the story I sent to papers: 



In the expanse of TV history, “Glee”
is still a newcomer. On Thursday, it concludes its fourth season;
that's only halfway to matching “Midwestern Hayride.”