Fairly Legal

This week, Fridays are fun again

For the USA Network, this is a big shift -- its first attempt to put new, scripted shows on Friday.

And for viewers, it's good news. Fridays are a semi-wasteland, when CBS is virtually the only place interested in scripted shows. And with the basketball tournament, even CBS will skip the next two Fridays (March 16 and 23).

That makes this the perfect time to open the seasons for "Fairly Legal" and "In Plain Sight," at 9 and 10 p.m. this Friday. Both are smart shows with likable heroines. Here are the two stories I sent to papers:

Yes, Fridays can be saved

Fridays were once a perfectly fine time to watch television. Really

At various times, you could find "X-Files" or "Miami Vice" or "Friday Night Lights" (appropriately) or a pile of adequate ABC comedies. Not lately, though.