Escape at Dannemora

Arquette is at it again -- true story, true transformation

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Patricia Arquette
was busy un-transforming. She was returning to her old self, after
being Tilly in “Escape to Dannemora.”

Then she found Dee
Dee and “The Act.”

A nuts-but-true prison-escape story becomes a compelling mini-series

There are lots of good TV shows and a few truly great ones. The latest (and, almost, greatest) is "Escape at Dannemora," a superb, seven-week mini-series (debuting Nov. 18), with director Ben Stiller getting amazing work from Patricia Arquette, Eric Lange, Bonnie Hunt and more. Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

In the summer of
2015, a New York prison escape seized national attention.

Good news: Mini-series -- ones where stories actually end -- are back

This is the fifth of six stories in the TV season preview I sent to papers. Scroll down and you'll see one on non-fiction; scroll up and you'll see the others.

By Mike Hughes

The good news is
that mini-series are back, big-time.