Fox's fall: The Devil and Gordon Ramsay, plus music and whimsy


By Mike Hughes

Satan and Gordon
Ramsay will again be big on Fox next season. So will science-fiction
and whimsy.

"Empire" has it all: Macbeth and Cookie and Othello and rap and fur noodles

"Empire" is not one of those shows that you watch casually. The seaon starts (9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept, 21) with a thunderbolt, then doesn't really slow down. It's all very operatic ... or Shakespearean ... or Empirical. Here's the story I sent to papers:


By Mike Hughes

Fox's new season: No "Idol," few reruns, lots of Satan

Nothing in TV is terribly permanent. Last week, the networks announced their fall schedules and I sent quick-turnaround stories to papers; you can see those stories here.

But one network has already made a switch: Fox moved "Pitch" into its fall line-up, nudging "Bones" and "Prison Break" back; here's the revised version of my story:

By Mike Hughes

Fox's new season: Lots if flash ... but only one more year of "Idol"

As the “American
Idol” finale nears, fans have received a sudden jolt: Next season
will be the last.

It will be “a
season-long celebration,” insisted Gary Newman, the Fox Network
co-chairman. It will try for visits by past stars and past judges; it
could even invite the original co-host.