Rob Riggle: A funny, flying, jet-skiing life

My Television Critics Association has wrapped up now, after 18 busy days of interviews. The stories, however, will go on semi-forever. Mostly, I wait until shortly before a show is coming on; here's one I sent to papers, keyed to Aug. 23:

By Mike Hughes

world rarely gives us funny pilots or clever military officers.

Jesse Metcalfe's summer: Making love and killing zombies

Two summer shows -- "Dead Rising: Endgame" and "Chesapeake Shores" -- have only three things in common: The star (Jesse Metcalfe), the film setting (Vancouver) and the fact that they were made by humans. Beyond that, these shows cover the exact opposites of our species. For Metcalfe, that adds up to an interesting summer; here's the story I sent to papers.

By Mike Hughes

The art of more TV ... and of indie-style shows

We don't usually expect the entertainment world to talk about high-end art dealers. Cops and killers and robots are favorite subjects; auction houses are not.

But lately, there have been exceptions: Steve Martin's excellent novel "An Object of Beauty" ... the movies "Woman in Gold" and "The Monuments Men" ... and now "The Art of More" -- an interesting series that starts Thursday (Nov. 19) in the new world of Internet streaming services. Here's the story I sent to papers: