On Monday, our TV's hit overload

Sometimes the world conspires to make our TV sets (or our DVR's, or our heads) explode.

One of those times is Monday (Jan. 25), when approximately everything is new and interesting. You can get the details by hitting the "TV column" category above, but let me elaborate a bit.

Heroes, spies and an Indian chief

I'm just back from Chicago, where life is good. That is to say, where the Cubs beat the Cardinals in two straight come-from-behind wins. Sometimes -- even amid foul weather and more-foul economics -- it's easy to define "good."

I'll tell you more about Chicago soon. First, however, I had a chance to do some advance TV viewing; some notes:

1) It's hard to believe, but tonight (Monday, April 20) already brings the season's second-to-last new episodes of "Chuck" and "Heroes," at 8 and 9 p.m.on NBC.

Beware of TV time changes for Monday (Feb. 9)

If you're getting ready to watch TV tonight (Monday, Feb. 9), don't depend on schedules that were compiled in advance.

The complication came when President Obama set a press conference for 8 p.m. ET. To catch it, the networks are doing some quick scrambling.

On a different note, please read my previous blog about the Richard Thomsen memorial service in Lansing, Mich. Meanwhile, here are the expected changes tonight:

-- Two 8 p.m. shows -- "Chuck" on NBC, "House" on Fox -- are bumped.

Monday (Feb. 2) TV: Too much, too good

We all know that Feb. 2 repeats itself over and over. That's what happened to Bill Murray in the "Groundhog Day" movie; the repeating was, we were told, a bad thing.

This week, however, I think it would be kind of good. Monday has way too many strong shows for one night; it would be a good day to repeat -- or at least to put our VCR's or TIVO's into hyperdrive.