Christmas TV

Here's the Christmas TV mega-list, revised to Dec. 13 and beyond



We're in Christmas Week now, with the Christmas-TV mega-list starting to shrink. Here's a semi-revised version; The first categories (through "home and kitchen" have been updated to fit Dec. 20-25; the categories after that haven;t been updated.


By Mike Hughes

TV's plan for the next month: Christmas, Christmas, more Christmas


TV is in its new phase now: Thanksgiving is gone; a cascade of Christmas shows is coming.

Here's a list of many of them. Please remember to read the blogs that preceded this; they view the end of "iCarly" today (Friday), the beginning of "Marvin, Marvin" (Saturday) and Della Reese's film "Christmas Angel" (Saturday and Sunday). Meanwhile, here's the Christmas TV list I sent to papers:



Christmas shows -- all the time, everywhere

You can't really celebrate Christmas without a scorecard and a master list. There are holiday shows everywhere, all the time.

I sent papers a list that starts Saturday (Nov. 27) and goes on through Christmas. It's packed ... and still incomplete.