CBS fall schedule

CBS this fall: The new-old look of sitcoms, "Friends" stars and "MacGyver"

Now the TV-tinkering is complete. Over the past four days, the big networks have announced their fall schedules. Here's the story I sent to papers about CBS, which announced its plans this morning (Wednesday), the previous blogs look at ABC, Fox and NBC.

By Mike Hughes

After two years of
tossing aside situation comedies, CBS is back to its old ways.

A CBS Monday without laughs? Get used to it this fall

The decline of
situation comedies has reached a new milestone:

For the first time
since 1949, CBS says, it will have a no-sitcom line-up on Mondays.

That's been the
night of “Lucy” and “Mash” and “Raymond” and more. “I
don't think we can be beholden to a 65-year-old strategy,” said
Kelly Kahl, the network's scheduling chief.

CBS stays the same, makes it look different


A quick look at CBS and Idol

This has been a busy day, so let me rush through  two things:

-- After some bold moves by the other networks (see previous blogs), CBS had only a couple surprises.

-- And for "American Idol," I see a Joshua-Phillip finale. Details:

1) CBS' big surprise involves nudging "Two and a Half Men" over to Thursdays, where a better show ("Big Bang Theory") can boost it. That makes room for one new comedy (from the "Will & Grace" guys) on Mondays, with "2 Broke Girls" at th crucial 9 p.m. slot.