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Cush Jumbo and "The Good Fight" fit TV's new-normal world

At any time, Cush Jumbo would be interesting. You don't meet many people who have played both Josephine Baker and Mark Antony. Or, for that matter, many named Cush. But now she's also part of an interesting change in the TV world. "The Good Fight" -- which starts Feb. 19 on CBS, then moves to CBS All Access -- is her second series to reach American viewers mainly via streaming. Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

For now, the new "Star Trek" series is a journey into the unknown

By Mike Hughes

new “Star Trek” series is only four months away, but fans still
don't know many of the basics.

Some of that is a
choice by the “Trek” people. “You'll get a little more
information in October,” producer Bryan Fuller told the Television
Critics Association. “We'll keep building the ... reveal.”