Bob Costas

Olympics: Fears and hopes burst into overdrive

By Mike Hughes

Olympics always seem to bring dreams and fears, many of them
misplaced. But all of that hits new extremes in Rio de Janeiro.

People talk –
often – about the zika virus and security woes and banned athletes
and economic decay and, for athletes in open-water events, pollution.

The real football season begins

Any football season that starts with a Packer victory is a good one for me. Thursday's game was spectacular; it also re-enforced my admiration for NBC's coverage.

Fox has a good NFL team, particularly with Troy Aikman doing the analysis, but NBC has a great one. Bob Costas (pre-game) and Chris Collinsworth (fame analysis) are the best in the business.

Anyway, here's the story I sent to papers just before the season begins. I've changed the tense about the Thursday game (now past), but kept the rest the same:


Let's talk Winter Olympics

Here are 10 random thoughts about NBC's Winter Olympics coverage; please add yours:

1) I really can't tell the difference between someone who goes a zesty 89 miles an hour and some who merely pokes along at 87. Either one just looks ... well, really fast. They sort of woosh past us and someone says gee that was really slow or fast or something. In short, I'm having trouble enjoying luge or downhill skiing or such.

Jay: Middle of second week

Who was at that meeting, anyway?

Jay Leno must have said, "I'm sure there's nothing people want to see more in prime time than a celebrity driving around a race track." Network executives nodded and pulled out a pile of money to build a track next to his studio.

Maybe someone should have said this: "No, Jay, people don't want to see this. Just you. There's a good reason why primetime TV went its first 60 years without a racetrack. It's not interesting."