Big Bang Theory

From "Seinfeld" to "Big Bang," he's given us global comedy

Five days before the new season officially starts, NBC offers an advance peek at one show ... and (in support) an actor we've enjoyed, from "Seinfeld" to "The Big Bang Theory." Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

With his voice
alone, this actor can give us a world tour.

A CBS Monday without laughs? Get used to it this fall

The decline of
situation comedies has reached a new milestone:

For the first time
since 1949, CBS says, it will have a no-sitcom line-up on Mondays.

That's been the
night of “Lucy” and “Mash” and “Raymond” and more. “I
don't think we can be beholden to a 65-year-old strategy,” said
Kelly Kahl, the network's scheduling chief.

"Men" is leaving, but the Lorre comedy empire lingers

Sure, "Two and a Half Men" has veered wildly, from witty to silly and back again. Still, it's provided a dozen years of big laughs ... and has launched a Chuck Lorre comedy empire topped by the wonderful "Big Bang Theory." Now "Men" has its finale Thursday; here's a story I sent to papers, about Lorre and his shows:


Every now and then,
TV gets a new comedy boss.

CBS stays the same, makes it look different


Let's talk Golden Globes and Gervais

The Golden Globes are handed out Sunday, with Ricky Gervais hosting -- we'll interview him in a minute -- and plenty of chances to cheer and grumble.

My own preferences (not predictions) are topped -- as always -- by "The Big Bang Theory," TV's best comedy. In other categories, I've only seen some contenders, but I'll say something anyway:

-- Movie drama? I love both "The King's Speech" and "The Social Network," two true-life stories told well. I'll go with "Speech" by a smidgen.

Emmys: The call of the new

Staring at approximately 14,000 new Emmy nominations today, what do we make of it all? Here are a few trends, gripes and more:

1) New is big: Anything new tends to seem bright and shiny and appealing. This year, three first-year shows scored big. "The Good Wife" is up for best drama, with Julianna Margulies up for best actress in a drama. "Glee" and "Modern Family" are both up for best comedy, with many of their actors also nominated.

Beware of TV time changes for Monday (Feb. 9)

If you're getting ready to watch TV tonight (Monday, Feb. 9), don't depend on schedules that were compiled in advance.

The complication came when President Obama set a press conference for 8 p.m. ET. To catch it, the networks are doing some quick scrambling.

On a different note, please read my previous blog about the Richard Thomsen memorial service in Lansing, Mich. Meanwhile, here are the expected changes tonight:

-- Two 8 p.m. shows -- "Chuck" on NBC, "House" on Fox -- are bumped.

Monday (Feb. 2) TV: Too much, too good

We all know that Feb. 2 repeats itself over and over. That's what happened to Bill Murray in the "Groundhog Day" movie; the repeating was, we were told, a bad thing.

This week, however, I think it would be kind of good. Monday has way too many strong shows for one night; it would be a good day to repeat -- or at least to put our VCR's or TIVO's into hyperdrive.

TV's best comedy (and maybe its best set)

This probably shouldn't surpise us: TV's best sitcom also has one of the best sets. It's full of playthings; also, the math equations really do make sense.

We're talking about "The Big Bang Theory," of course. With the clever touch of any Chuck Lorre production, it simultaneously mocks its characters -- four young Cal Tech scientists and the waitress who lives in the next apartment -- and views them warmly.