Beverly Hills 90210

Here's a quick tour of Luke Perry on "90210"

(Right below this, you'll see a brief commentary on Luke Perry, who died Monday. Now a cable channel has set some key reruns for this weekend. Here's the story I sent to papers.)

By Mike Hughes

TV viewers can get a
quick tour of Luke Perry's “90210” years this weekend.

Luke Perry: His life was echoed by Fred Andrews, Archie's dad

The death of Luke Perry -- only 52 and forever a "90210" teen-ager in many minds -- was a jolting surprise. Here's the quick-turnaround story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

Luke Perry soared in
opposite TV roles – the rich teen in Beverly Hills and the
hard-working, blue-collar dad in Riverdale.

And in real life? It
was the latter, all the way.

Remember that old network? It just went Pop

We've always kind of known the TV Guide Channel was somewhere on our cable box, waiting to be consulted. With all the ways to get listings, however, we kind of ignored it. So now, logically enough, the channel is going Pop. The change comes Wednesday (Jan. 14); here's the story I sent to papers: