Betty White

Betty White -- a lover of people, dogs, bears, games and hot dogs

I've interviewed Betty White often over the years and found her to be just what you'd expect -- smart, optimistic and caring. This story -- keyed to an Aug. 21 special on PBS -- is different: White wasn't available for a Television Critics Association session, but many of the people who know her were. Combining that with her memoir, here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

By now, Betty White
seems qualified for the TV version of sainthood.

Betty White's first 90 years have been fun

One of the pleasures of Television Critics Association tours involves interviewing Betty White. Now she's busier than ever, with her 90th birthday coming Tuesday and a TV party Monday. Here's the story I sent to papers:


A strange thing has happened to old
folks in show business … and maybe everywhere else.

They have simply kept going. That was
clear during recent Television Critics Association sessions.

After the fall, NBC starts its makeover

We've started the newsy part of the Television Critics Association sessions now, so I'll be putting some things here, shortly after I send them to papers. Here's a quick overview of NBC:


PASADENA, Cal. -- Surveying the wreckage of his season,
NBC's programming chief was frank.

“We had a really bad fall,” Robert
Greenblatt told the Television Critics Association on today (Friday, Jan. 6).