Anthony Bourdain

A master chef vanishes -- and re-appears -- in surprising ways

(There have been some fascinating documentaries late, as people take a fresh interest in American food and American chefs. No comes anĀ  intriguing one, tentatively set for Nov. 12 and 18 on CNN; here's the story I sent to papers.)

By Mike Hughes

It's one thing to be
the best. It's another to do it and disappear.

Bourdain: New pleasures await in restaurants ... or ice-fishing shacks

Many people find adventures to be great, as long as they're confined to movie theaters, TV sets or the bedroom. They do NOT want eating to be adventurous.

Then there's Anthony Bourdain, who makes everything -- including dinner time -- a grand adventure. His latest show has already been renewed for the fall, halfway through its first season. Here's the story I sent to papers; also, please check the previous blog on this weekend's Gordie Howe movie: