Amy Poehler

From the Fallon to the Olympics, this is NBC's time for big moves

PASADENA, Cal. -- NBC is trying some familiar draws – from “Peter
Pan” to Dorothy’s “Oz,” from Katherine Heigl to a multi-tasking Amy Poehler –
in its ongoing comeback attempt.

"SNL": Season opens with some laughs (really)

Being in the New York state government, Gov. David Paterson told viewers tonight, is like "Saturday Night Live": It's fun for 10 minutes and then you wish it would be over.

As it happens, he said it on a night when that statement wouldn't fit. "SNL" had been on for an hour before the kind of sketch (this one involiving tiny hats) that makes people wonder why they're watching TV on a Saturday night.

Jay Leno: Week 2, day 2

In the middle of the Pee-wee Herman salad bar tonight, a piece of Jay Leno's set fell loudly to the floor.

Hey, take that as a sign: The in-betweener, semi-funny bits are falling apart. Leno should skip the middlin' range and go with things that are really something -- really funny or musical or serious ... but not just treading the middle ground.