American Idol

Common sense -- a tad of it -- reaches "Idol"

There is some common sense in the "American Idol" world, after all. Unfortunately, none of it seems to belong to the voters.

Tonight, their bottom three -- Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone -- were virtually the top three in ability. Sanchez, a marvel, was at the bottom ... rescued only by the "save" that the judges can use only once during a season.

What went wrong? A few explanations:

Idol gilds the music

A few comments about Wednesday's "American Idol":

1) With that sort of set-up -- white piano, fog and mist curling around violinists and cellists -- even I would seem like a great musician.

2) Oh wait, I just remembered: I wouldn't.

3) Colton Dixon had all of that going for him and still was only OK. He didn't do much with the song and the brief falsettos didn't work.

Idol: The easy part is done now

OK, the astute observor will notice I missed a week of "American Idol." (I have excuses, which I won't get into now.)

The show did carry out my previous instructions, though, ousting DeAndre Brackensick. He's a cute and likable guy with the best "Idol" hair since Brooke White or Haley Scarnato, but his range is limited.

Hey, the "Idol" voters are making sense. Really.

"American Idol" viewers ofte get way too random, serving up some nasty surprises. Not this time, though.

After Wednesday's show (see two blogs back), I predicted that Hollie Cavanagh and Heejun Han  would be in th bottom two, with Hollie sent home. That would be fair, I said -- but the one who really should be sent is Skyler Laine.

And on Thursday's results show? Heejun and Hollie were, indeed, in  the final two; Heejun, however, was sent home. As a bonus, Skyler was in the bottom three.

Colton -- much more than a dark horse

Some comments after tonight's "American Idol":

1) What's this talk about Colton Dixon being a dark horse? To me, he's always been a front-runner, mixing musical skill with looks and emotional intensity. His performance tonight proved that again.

Erika's gone;life's unfair

So the new look didn't suffice for Erika Van Pelt; the terrific voice didn't either. She was sent home, reminding us that life is sometimes unfair in the "American Idol" world.

DeAndre Brackensick -- who should have been ousted -- finished in the bottom three. Heejun Han, whose whimsical performance this week deserved better, was in the bottom two. Then Erika was gone.

"Idol" singers conquer Billy Joel (eventually)

Let's make something clear right away: "Shameless" is not what Ryan Seacrest said -- "a Billy Joel hit that Skylar (Laine) is giving a country twist."

It is not, as Jimmy Iovine put it, "a big Billy Joel song" that she's giving some twang to. Joel did write it, but he never cut it as a single.

Idol:The little girls went too far this time

We all knew that little girls are dangerous to "American Idol." They know how to text, know how to phone, have endless of time to vote.

Often, they behave themselves; the cutest guy rarely wins. But tonight, they went way too far.

Clearly, the worst prformances Wednesday were by DeAndre Brackensick and Heejun Han. But DeAndre is cute and Heejun has humor and offbeat charm; both escaped the bottom.

Idol: Some dizzying highs and lows

This was a dizzying night of "American Idol," with wild highs and lows. A few comments and then a prediction:

1) A high: Randy Jackson used to tell people not to sing Whitney Houston, Celine Dion or Mariah Carey. Now Hollie Cavanagh has conquered two of them on consecutive weeks -- first Houston (she had no choice) and now Dion.

2) Higher: Still, in raw difficulty, nothing matches "When a Man Loves a Woman." Joshua Ledet conquered it beautifully.

It turns out, they really can sing Whitney

All these years, Randy Jackson has been warning the "American Idol" contestants: Don't even try to do the big three -- Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. You'll pale in comparison.

And tonight, we learned he was wrong -- or two-thirds wrong, anyway. The six "Idol" women were ordered to each do a Whitney song; four of them nailed it.