This Is Us

At last: "This Is Us" gives Beth problems, a story and a mom

By Mike Hughes

For two seasons of “This Is Us,” troubles seem to ricochet
everywhere (almost).

The three siblings
had plenty of them. So did their parents ...and Randall's biologic
dad ... and Kate's husband ... and most of the people along the way,
leading to an obvious question: What about Beth?

NBC's new fall schedule? Well, not really new, but there's more coming

By Mike Hughes

Staring at NBC's
new-season plans, a skeptic might ask: “New what?”

The fall line-up has
exactly three new shows ... one of which is a revival of an old show.

Then again, NBC sees
that as a good thing: Its current season worked; few tweaks were

"This Is Us" ... and this is, really, very moving

By Mike Hughes

almost a half-century of TV roles, Gerald McRaney should be kind of

Or maybe not. “I
was crying the first time I saw this episode,” McRaney said.

New TV dramas? There are some designated winners

The TV landscape keeps getting bigger and broader, but does it get better? Well, sometimes. Over the next few days, I'll be sending my seaon-preview to papers. Here's the first piece, viewing the new dramas.

By Mike Hughes

Let's credit the TV
people with having serious intentions.