The Simpsons

"Simpsons" creator joins the Netflix wave

Next month, Matt Groening's "The Simpsons" starts its 30th season on Fox. Before that, however, Groening's "Disenchantment" starts its first year on Netflix. The show starts Aug. 17; here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

30 years, Matt Groening's world has been at the core of the Fox

"The Simpsons" turn 500

Twenty years ago, Matt Groening was walking around the Twentieth Century Fox lot with a grin and an air-freshener.

It was a Bart Simpson air-freshener. For Groening -- who had known the quiet existence of an offbeat cartoonist -- this was new.

Now "Simpsons" keeps thriving, with its 500th episode Sunday (Feb. 19). Here's the story I sent to papers; also, please read the preceding blog, which has updated the list of Whitney Houston coverage, including expanded funderal coverage.


Funny future: "Futurama" is back

Every year, some good shows are undeservedly canceled. This time, the list was topped by two strong Fox dramas ("Human Target" and the superb "Chicago Code") and two fun comedies, ABC's "Better With You" and CBS' "Mad Love."

Homer Simpson is still a winning loser

Homer Simpson was just realizing the impact: In high school, he was cheated out of his chance to be student president. The winner went on to be rich and respected; the loser became, well, Homer Simpson.

"That could have been my life," Homer groans, in the episode that debuts at 8 p.m. Sunday (Feb. 15). "I could have a big house and a hot wife."

Marge takes offense at that. Women do, sometimes. "I'd still be married to you," he reassures her. "But you'd be hotter."