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Roy Wood's world: serious satire and strip-club tales

If you see Roy Wood's stand-up special ("Father Figure") or his best "Daily Show" bits, you'll realize this is a sharp comedy mind, able to make dead-serious issues seem funny. Now Wood is also hosting the loose-spirited "This Is Not Happening." Here's the story I sent to papers:

By Mike Hughes

The funny-serious
world of Roy Wood Jr. is filled with opposites.

TV's top 10: My picks for 2011

This is the time when everyone gets to gripe and grumble about top-10 lists and such. Here's the one I set to papers; later, I'll also put my year-in-review story; let the grumbling begin:


TV critics agree on very little, except
that “Seinfeld” was funny, “West Wing” was smart and “H8R”
was a low moment in civilization.

So any top-10 list is an adventure.
Here's what I saw as the 10 best shows of 2011:

It's time to find those Emmy-winners

Consider this a confluence: Today, I found myself pondering three things -- the Emmy Award results, the latest ratings and the upcoming (Sunday, Sept. 27) episode of "Mad Men," another strange-but-good one.

The result is a commentary I sent to papers. I usually don't put my newspaper feature stories here, but this one is different from the others; also, I'd like to get your comments. Here it is: